Running a “resource –saving and environment –friendly” enterprise is the long –term development strategy of our company.
EHS concept: Environmental, Healthy, Safety
◆The company executes EHS policy and effectively applies EHS system.

◆Cleaning production, effectively utilizing resources

◆Protect health of all employees, and fight off all factors that may endanger personnel health.>

◆Expand processing capacity, update equipment and facilities and improve treatment technology with continuous investment.

The company has shown great concern and heightened vigilance on environment protection due to strong sense of social responsibility, always pays attention to environment protection work and actively minimizes influence of production on environment with various effective actions.
The company always carries out the concept of cleaning production in the production process, actively implements new environmental protection process, develops and researches recycling of industrial refuse and applies EHS system to ensure safe, healthy and cleaning production. Now, waste water, exhaust gas, organic solvent, oily substances, sludge, noise and odor are recycled, controlled or utilized effectively. From the beginning of the establishment of the company, the company has totally invested over RMB 400 million in only construction of sewage treatment plant.
With advanced cleaning and environmental protection technology, not only resources are fully utilized, but also labor safety and health of employees are sufficiently guaranteed. The company has been turned into a green factory with fresh air and beautiful environment, reflecting long –term development strategy.





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