Science and technology

Science and technology


Leading achievements by innovating concept

Qilu Synva is constantly innovating. Guided by the innovative development strategy of “being predominated by enterprise, oriented in market and depending on close industry-university-research cooperation”, the Company has been widely broadening its domestic and overseas development and cooperation in science and technology, building an innovation platform and platform for technology transformation, synchronizing with world-class top technology in real means, accomplishing a world-class haute animal health brand and leading industry development.


Manufacturing quality products by innovating orientation

1. Focused on development of BPSs for animals, the Company has been preventing cross resistance between humans and animals and offering reliable guarantee for food safety and human health;
2. Focused on development of haute preparations for animals, such as retarders, targeting drug delivery system preparations, pour-on solutions and aerosols, the Company has been developing and manufacturing new veterinary preparations of small medication, good effects and high pertinence to satisfy market demand;
3. Focused on research on new indigenous drugs and feed additives, the Company has been struggling for creating a green, eco-friendly and safe veterinary drug environment;
4. Focused on quality strategy, the Company has been constantly promoting quality of veterinary drugs, enhancing product safety and effectiveness and endeavoring for more veterinary drugs to be ranked in international market.


Technological Innovation



Technological innovation and one-step transformation

Qilu Synva has undertaken 3 state-class scientific research tasks and over 50 provincial science and technology projects and positively made industrial transformation. Currently, the Company has cooperated with multiple scientific research institutions such as Zhejiang University, China Agricultural University, Ocean University of China, South China Agricultural University, Huazhong Agricultural University and Yangzhou University by technological cooperation, project entrustment, academic exchange, recruitment of experts etc., accelerating product and technology research. The Company has successfully accomplished industrial transformation and ensured that projects concerned are able to rapidly occupy commanding height in technology and market while cultivating R&D talents for the Company and enhancing capacity of the Company in independent innovation.



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