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Maternal love is like heaven!

There is always someone to support us, and there is always a kind of love that makes us feel bad. This person is the mother, and this kind of love is maternal love. Maternal love is pure, it is a seed of the soul; Maternal love is beautiful

"Often go home and have a look" let filial piety have a place

When Mother's Day approaches, filial piety and respect for the elderly have once again become a hot topic. When the reporter interviewed a 71-year-old man and his 80-year-old sister who came to visit from Tianjin in Beijing

Mother, daughter, me

As the saying goes: “I don’t know the kindness of my parents if I don’t raise children.” When I was growing up, I always took the love my mother gave me as a matter of course, and even compared the love my mother gave to other mothers.

Thank you for growing up

On July 6, 2011, with the sun shining on the earth, I took my luggage on the train from Weihai to Jinan Qilu Pharmaceutical. I was very excited all the way, but more disturbed.

Sense of responsibility

Before I wrote this manuscript, I deliberately found a dictionary to look up the explanation of sense of responsibility: sense of responsibility is a feeling of being serious and responsible for work.

Tolerance and touching

The sprouted willow branches on the roadside remind us that another spring is coming, and with the arrival of spring, I still grow up.
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