Gandan Granule



  • Description
  • Active Ingredients Indigowood Root* and Artemisia capillaris* Extract

    *Indigowood Root has the function of antibacterial, antiviral, anti-endotoxin, immune stimulate, and anti-tumor effect

    *Artemisia capillaris protects liver cell from necrosis, improve microcirculation of liver, depress the activity of glucuronidase, so that to enhance the detoxification of Liver; Relaxes biliary sphincter, accelerate the secretion of bile


    It is indicated for all kinds of liver disease of all animal species. Specially recommend to the animals under the risky of mycotoxin, over dosed antibiotics, high protein or fat, and other toxin polluted diet.

    Dosage and administration

    For adjuvant therapy during disease broken:

    Poultry: 100gm to 500L of water for 3~5days.

    Cattle and swine: 300gm to 1000kg of complete feed or 100g to 500L of water, for 5~7days.

    For daily feed additive of detoxification use: half the dose above mentioned, 7days of continuous use. Repeat the usage if necessary.


    100g, 1kg, 25kg 


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